Creating MS Word reports with Java

If your application stores a lots of user content, it seems to be an obvious idea to offer some template mechanism, which can be used by your customers to create reports. So, the user can get a printable, styled and easy to process version of the interesting information out of your system, designed by himself and filled with data with just one click. Of course, creating and styling those templates should be easy enough for your customer to do it by himself… so, whats about using the well-known MS Word application for it? The user creates a document with his beloved office suite from Redmond, containing formatted text, images and charts and finally adds also some placeholders. Afterwards he passes this document to your application and, whenever the user wants to create a report, you magically fill the placeholders with the actual data from your system. Reporting can be so easy … if you can find some way to manipulate the word document the correct way with the tools your platform offers!

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