Solved problems updating perl-XML-SAX-0.96-7.el6.noarch on CentOS 6

Today yum chase its own tail during the package update of one of our servers.

Updating the packages needed the installation of any new packages because of dependencies. The transaction check breaks with:

Transaction Check Error:
  file /usr/share/man/man3/XML::SAX::Base.3pm.gz conflicts between attempted installs of perl-XML-SAX-0.96-7.el6.noarch and perl-XML-SAX-Base-1.04-1.el6.rf.noarch
  file /usr/share/man/man3/XML::SAX::Exception.3pm.gz conflicts between attempted installs of perl-XML-SAX-0.96-7.el6.noarch and perl-XML-SAX-Base-1.04-1.el6.rf.noarch

No way out. Google didn’t know anything about.

The solution of this problem is removing any packages and reinstall them manually. In my situation I removed both packages which made trouble: perl-XML-SAX-0.96-7.el6.noarch and perl-XML-SAX-Base-1.04-1.el6.rf.noarch. I reinstalled perl-XML-SAX-0.96-7.el6.noarch again and any transaction check works and yum installed the updates. I didn’t reinstalled the package perl-XML-SAX-Base-1.04.1.el6.rf.noarch because it seems to be no longer a dependency of any perl-SAX package.


Good font for coding

Some days ago Adobe announced a new monospaced OpenType font Source Code Pro designed for coding environments. I have used Menlo for years now and was curious if I can see any benefits from the new font for coding.

I find the described advantages of Source Code Pro in Menlo too: readability of potentially confusable characters like iI1 or O0 and readability of punctuation marks, brackets and mathematical symbols. But with the same font size the character height of Source Code Pro is smaller but the line height is larger. Take a look at a code snippet in 12pt, screenshot height 200px

Source Code Pro 12 pt

Menlo 12 pt

If you increase the real font size to get the same perceived font size the same code needs more screen width and height with Source Code Pro than with Menlo. And the additional line spacing is needless because you can configure the line spacing in most of the IDEs.

For me it’s very important to get as many information on the screen as possible. I don’t like to scroll to see the context or to read the line to its end. Sure, good code is short. A function has only twenty lines of code with no line longer than 120 characters and a class ends after two screens. But in real life you have to read some code from your colleagues. And be honest: not every line you wrote follows the rules of clean code…

I like the Menlo. It looks more elegant to me and I see more code. I will continue using it for coding.

Team escape in August 2012

Our team escaped from the daily work into our neighbouring country Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz). We ate, drunk, laughed, talked with each other about this and that and walked through the beautiful countryside instead of thinking about computers, code and customers.

on the way to the castle of hambach

We walked from Neustadt an der Weinstrasse through the hills to the Castle of Hambach. The Castle is known as a very important point for the german democracy. In 1832 approx. 30,000 people met here to celebrate the Hambacher Festival. During the festival poeple demanded freedom of assembly, freedom of press, freedom of speech, civil rights and national unitiy of all german countries. This festival is known as the root of german democracy.

on the castle of hambach

After our visit on the Castle of Hambach we walked through the countryside about the Southern Wine Way to the town Edenkoben.
In Edenkoben we let fade out the day during a small pint of beer and wine.

after the walk in edenkoben

Welcome Post

Welcome everybody to the Development Blog of Rewoo Technologies AG.
We develop a Rich Internet Application (RIA) facilitating the handling and the disclosure of information for the different stakeholders in enterprises. At this blog we’ll roll out technological stuff which is related to our product. Detailed coding as well as conceptual statements and (naturally) societal relevant bloke stuff. This blog is open for your comments. We look forward getting into dicussions about topics that share your interest.

More information about the product will certainly be spread at launch day of the product, which is planned to be in autumn of 2010.
Interested just in that? Look during late summer at our website:

We intend to avoid buzzing superlatives. I guess we’ll decide for a buzzy-losers-penalty if happening so.
Cheers Matthias, UX-Design – R&D – Karlsruhe