Hands-on Android: lessons learned from our first game project

About one year ago we wanted to gain some experience in android app development and the whole associated workflow, consisting of:

  • developing an Android app
  • publishing and maintaining the app in the Play Store
  • performing marketing and earning some money

So we decided to create a trial-balloon-project to get started. Despite the fact that our company normally creates serious business software, we gladly received the ok to do some more “funny stuff” like a game for this special case. We are working for a really cool company, do we?
In this short series of blog posts I want to share with you some of the key-insights we’ve gained (and problems we’ve encountered) since the first version of the app was released one year ago. Today I want to start from a technical perspective which must be a little “game specific”. But the later blog posts will focus on the Google Play Store as well as marketing and selling activities we’ve tried, which should make the whole story more interesting for a wider audience as just game developers. So keep on reading! Continue reading